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Promoting Your Non-Profit Workbook:

Using Marketing To Help Your Organization Succeed in a Turbulent Time

Until November 15, 2009, the Promoting Your Non-Profit workbook is available at a special reduced price to you and your friends.

Promoting Your Non-Profit Promoting Your Non-Profit Interactive Workbook
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Promoting Your Non-Profit Interactive Workbook
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About the Book

Promoting Your Non-Profit is a workbook targeted to professionals and volunteers in non-profit organizations and associations who'd like to understand how to better promote and market their organizations. The book is valuable for both local groups and those operating as part of a large national or international network.

The book provides a series of fun, easy-to-use tools to help organizations identify and articulate their target audience, the unique value they provide, and outline the steps to create a simple marketing or promotional plan. Topics covered include how to understand the market and your position, developing a brand, competition, integrating social media, and developing a marketing campaign. The workbook also includes ways to measure the progress of your campaign and a list of useful resources.

About the Author

Linda Popky is an award winning marketer, as well as a successful consultant, speaker, author and educator. Her company, L2M Associates, helps organizations dramatically improve their bottom line by more effectively leveraging their investment in marketing programs, processes, and people.

Linda believes that especially in these challenging economic times many worthy non-profit organizations are not doing all they can to promote and market themselves to each of their key audiences. This book combines her extensive knowledge of applied marketing concepts with her long experience in leadership and volunteer roles with various associations and non-profit organizations, and draws on her consulting experience in organizations from startups to Fortune 100 companies as well.

How This Book is Different

This workbook, based on Linda's Leverage2Market(tm) concepts, brings a solid audience-focused approach to non-profit organizations. Where for-profit businesses focus on reaching paying customers, non-profits must reach multiple groups of individuals, including volunteers, donors, sponsors, constituents, members, and policymakers. Whether you are promoting toothpaste, coffee or non-profit services, what's important are the benefits that meet the audience's wants and needs – not the features the organization may want to promote.

You don't need to be a marketing professional to benefit from this book. The marketing concepts are straightforward and easy to grasp, and the workbook is concise and easy to complete.

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